Multiple Choice Questions / MCQs on Taxonomy and Systematics

NEET Biology MCQs

NEET BIOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions

Diversity in Living World:
                                              MCQs on Taxonomy and Systematics

1. What is the unit of classification in both plants and animals?

a. Species                b. Kingdom         c. Family               d. None

2. Which of the following is the e.g. of Monotypic Genus?

a. Solanum              b. Amphixous    c. Panthera         d. Felis

3. Who termed the word taxonomy?

a. Haeckel                b. Linnaeus         c. Aristotle          d. De Candolle

4. Who introduced the word species?

a. John Ray              b. Linnaeus         c. Aristotle          d. De Candolle

5. Who gave the first natural classification of plants?

a. Aristotle               b. Linnaeus         c. Bentham and Hooker                                d. De Candolle

6. Who were the first to give phylogenetic classification of plants?

a. Engler and Prantl             b. Aristotle          b. Linnaeus         c. Bentham and Hooker

7. Which of the following is being used to study the plant relationship?

a. Chemotaxonomy             b. Phylotaxonomy           c. Otogeny          d. None

8. Which is the highest category of taxonomic studies?

a. Kingdom              b. Species            c. Phylum            d. Family

9. Mayr’s biological concepts of species is mainly based on

a. Morphological traits                          c. Reproductive isolation

b. Modes of reproduction                     d. Morphology and reproduction

10. Two similar holotypes are called

a. Mesotypes         b. Meotypes      c. Syntypes         d. Isotypes

11. Taxon is

a. Unit of classification                                     c. Species

b. Highest rank in classification                     d. Group of closely related organisms

12. A species was defined as a population of interbreeding individuals and reproductively isolated from other populations by

a. Charles Darwin                  b. J. B. Lamarck                 c. Carolus Linnaeus          d. Ernst Mayr

13. Who gave the term Phylum?

a. Cuvier                   b. Haeckel                           c. Theophrastus                                d. Linnaeus

14. Phylogenetic classification is based on

a. Utilitarian system             b. Habits              c. Overall similarities       d. Common evolutionary descent

15. An important criterion for modern day classification is

a. Resemblances in Morphology                                   c. Breeding habits

b. Anatomical and Physiological traits                           d. Presence or absence of notochord


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