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Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Cell: Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. When cell develops it  becomes mature and it enters cell cycle and then it divides. If it is a body cell [somatic cell] it undergoes Mitosis and if it is reproductive cell then it undergoes Meiosis. Meiosis brings the crossing over and the formation of chiasmata which is really important for variation…………. MORE

Cell Cycle

Structure of Chromosomes

Chromosomes: Chromosome is the hereditary material present in the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell and some prokaryotic cell, responsible for the genetic characteristics. It has centromere holding 2 arms of the chromatids and divides in the Anaphase stage of cell division. It consists of DNA and Histone proteins. Telomere is the end part of the chromosome which on aging gets deteriorated and cell will not undergo S-phase and finally cell division stops………..MORE
Chromosomal structure


Gene: Gene is the basic unit of inheritance for a given character. The physical expression of this gene is called Phenotype. Mendel is called the father of Genetics. In variation, gene can bring Mutation. It is also responsible for the new variety of individualism……….MORE


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